Friday, April 29, 2011

Some lessons from the masters

The other day Facebook made public some of the strategies they follow in its data centers. Google has published a video with some details about the security measures they have in theirs.

Now tell me: Which place is more secure, your data center or the data centers of these guys that are the best of the best at global level?
Also tell me: Who is able to buy cheapest hardware? You buying hundreds (if you're big) of servers per year or this guys buying thousands? Or, as in the case of Google, not even buying servers but just components to make their own server: the "Google Server". Did you know that Google is the third biggest company in the world in server manufacturing? The point is that they are not selling them, to the relief of some.
Who is having better energy consumption per computation unit? Who is paying less for the space of the data center? Who has less people doing system administration?
Can you create your own operative system to optimize the management of the hardware and avoid patching and other expensive support operations?
Do you have access to the best of the best talent for hardware management?

Are you taking my point? There's no way you can compete. They do it better, they do it cheaper, they know more, they have economies of scale that you only dream about. You can still fight for some years against the new cloud model based on misconceptions of security or for compliance reasons, but at the end economic logic will win and I can't see how you can justify your incredible expensive, inefficient, insecure data center while the cloud can do it for you.
(Photo from Flicker by s_w_ellis)

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