Thursday, February 19, 2009

Incredible Ad

You can see a new add from Toshiba here. You can also see how it was made, because unless you're already a video specialist that is quite amazing.

They have made a "Matrix" like effect, but instead of using photo cameras they use video cameras. 20 Teras of video have been used to create the ad.

Clearly we are in front of something new. And the music is quite cool also.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Windows 7

I have downloaded Windows 7... I had the idea to install and test it... I'm fine with having Beta problems if I get it for free. 
Well, hold on a second, it will no longer work beyond August. And either you have pay for the final version of Windows 7 or come back to Vista.
So, what's the deal? I test it, I send feedback and I get caught. Is this a Beta testing program or a new marketing campaign.

Please Microsoft, I'm fine with beta testing, but give me a free copy after that. At the end you're just allowing 1 million of beta testers. Probably a good price for having a much better product.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Web Footprint

I'm trying to create a picture of my "web footprint", the idea is to be able to put in a picture the main services of the web where I have some interaction.

Of course this is changing quickly, so I'll try to keep it updated.

The main thing is that you can see a big number of not conected elements. For example I have to keep four profiles for profesional networks (Linkedin, Plaxo, etc). I hope that this situation will improve in the future, with new tools that will make it easy for the user to update just one place, even if the information is then broadcasted.

I used OpenOffice Draw for the pciture.