Friday, April 29, 2011

Apple preparing a cloud music service

No surprises, they have to react quickly to the Amazon offer for Cloud Drive and Cloud Player.

It's going to be very interesting to see how they make the offer, because, in principle, the cloud and the streaming model will impact the iPod market. If I do streaming I no longer need the music with me. If I do streaming, the iPod can still be the player, but any other can also do it: Android, BB, PC,... you name it.

If the Apple Cloud can only be played with an Apple device it looses part of the benefits of the cloud storage/streaming model. We will see how it's positioned and prices. Apple has very good design, the devices provide some kind of "status", but this is just a service, we'll not see if you're "wearing" the service, so it'll have to be good. The fashion, design, hype components are not so important if there's no device in the equation.

Everything happens very quickly. The MP3 player replaced the walkman or the CD player as a much better way to carry and hear your music, but it's clear that streaming is an even better model: I no longer carry my music or even a special device to hear it. It's always available in the cloud and any device can play it. Is Spotify the iPod killer so Apple has to create something to compete with Spotify and forget about selling more iPods?

Well, we don't know how it's going to be, but the name can be: iCloud. What a surprise, eh? It looks like Apple has payed more than $4 million for the domain.

I can see everybody running to register any possible domain starting with i. I've already registered iCat.

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