Friday, March 13, 2009

Good marketing and good product

OK, I know the image is big, but I really want to show it as I really like what this company is doing. I enrolled in the beta testing of the Seavus DropMind software (I twittered about it) and yesterday one person from that company called me to do a survey.
I was happy to answer and even more happy when I received this graph in a message. The graph is created with Seavus and personalized for me, of course they only change the name, but even in that case I think it's a good detail... we'll see if I can keep it free when they move to comercial version, but even if I have to pay I'll think about it.

So far my experience with the tool, and not only with the company, is quite good!


Unknown said...

I can't see the picture :(

Unknown said...

@byn Thank you. Now it's fixed

stephen said...

you can use and XMind(open source) to embed online mind map in your blog.
1> Upload map in XMind to
2> Paste the embed code in that map's page to your blog
3> Other will see your online maps in your blog

Unknown said...

Thanks - we've had some good feedback from users about the idea!!!

Cheers, Alek